Buderim Dental Surgery offers same day porcelain crowns and restorations.

Our state of the art CEREC machine builds porcelain crowns and restorations onsite, while you wait.

Okay, we are not fooling ourselves, there are many things you would rather do than have a crown fitted. But what if we could reduce the time it takes, create a crown that has the same quality as a traditional crown and it costs you less?!

That is the Buderim Dental Surgery promise!

  • Faster porcelain crowns and restorations with the same quality as traditional method crowns
  • No more impressions
  • Lower cost than traditional methods

The Buderim CEREC Process

Using a 3D scanner, we capture all the critical shapes and dimensions of your teeth.

This information is fed to the computerised CEREC machine. This controls two small robotic milling bits which form the exact crown you need from a porcelain block.

We can check colour while you are in the chair, for a great result.

1. After the consultation, a camera captures the area to be treated.

2. The dental restoration is then created as a 3D model on the computer.

3. The restoration created on the computer is subsequently milled from a ceramic block.

4. The finished porcelain restoration is inserted just a little while later.

Less time spend in the chair.
Less impact on your wallet.
Same result as traditional methods.
No follow up appointment.

Fast CEREC Factoids

  • Every 5 seconds, a new CEREC tooth restoration occurs in the world.
  • The longterm survival rate of a CEREC crown is 95%.
  • Over 250 scientific studies attest to the clinical security of CEREC.