How Our Membership works

For a small fee of $6.93 per week, you will enjoy huge benefits and cost savings in the medium to long term. These include great savings on all treatments. There is even interest free finance available!

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You and your family will have many benefits when you join our Membership Plan.

These include:

  • Two Check-up visits per year which include full examinations of gums and teeth;
  • Two scale and clean visits per year*;
  • As many x-rays as required;
  • Two Oral Cancer Screenings per year;
  • Two Fluoride treatments per year;
  • Discount on all standard treatment prices as per price list. If treatment/item number required is NOT on the price list, a 10% discount will apply for members**;
  • Interest Free Payment Plans for treatments (Subject to Terms & Conditions);
  • Compatible with all health funds to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses;
  • 12 months contract, No Interest, No hidden charges;
  • No waiting periods;
  • One off $20 set-up fee;
  • 6 Months warranty on any dental work done at the practice;
  • Flexible and after hours appointment available (Subject to Availability);
  • Out-of-hours emergency helpline;
  • Special offers at the practice;
  • Oral hygiene packs and instructions to help you care for your teeth at home.

*Excludes periodontitis (gum disease with bone loss) treatment and maintenance
**Excludes all orthodontic treatment provided by Buderim Dental Surgery, including Fastbraces. Standard fees apply.



Check these FAQ’s!

What are the waiting periods before I can start dental treatment?

None, as long as you have fully completed the membership forms and paid the one off $20 set up fee you can enjoy the benefits straight away.

Why should I become a member of your dental membership when I already have health insurance?

We would like to invite you to become a member of our dental practice so you can have practice benefits in addition to your health insurance benefits. You will have treatment at discounted rates and will always receive the full health insurance rebate that you are entitled to. We are committed to your dental health but we find patients do not return as often as they should, even when they have health insurance. Regular dental visits are necessary to maintain good oral health and to prevent unnecessary expense.

If children receive the $1000 government grant, why join?

We are inviting your children to become a member of our dental practice to ensure they have a great experience at the dental practice. Your child will have practice benefits in addition to the Medicare benefits. We want your child to enjoy the experience and attend at least twice per year. The membership will encourage you and your children to attend twice a year, which is necessary to maintain good oral health and to prevent unnecessary expense. We think you’ll agree that this membership will benefit your child’s overall health in the long run.

How do I claim my health insurance rebate after joining the Dental Membership?

After your routine care appointment we will issue you with a receipt for the total cost of the treatment (you will not pay any money as it is included in the monthly membership fee) you can then claim the rebate from your insurance provider, providing you are covered.

How do I cancel my Dental Membership?

You will be required to give one month’s written notice to the practice.

Please Note: Minimum charges apply. If you cancel your membership greater than 1 month before the end of the anniversary of your membership (with such cancellation on effective earlier than the expiry of your annual membership period) entitlements to member benefits and discounts will cease and you will be liable to pay outstanding fees for dental work performed including the difference between the value of dental work actually provided to you as part of your annual membership fees less any monthly membership fees paid. (For example: if one scale and clean, fluoride treatment and check-up has been received by the Patient 50% of the annual fee in total would be payable by the Patient, less any monthly membership fees paid by the Patient to the Dentist. If two scale and cleans, fluoride treatments and check-ups have been received by thePatient 100% of the annual membership fees would be payable by the Patient to the Dentist, less any monthly membership fees paid by the Patient to the Dentist.)

Please Note: if notice is not given by you at least 1 month before the expiry of the annual membership term, your intention not to renew the membership, your membership will automatically renew for 12 months, with nothing further for you to do.

How does Buderim Dental Surgery respect my confidentiality?

Buderim Dental Surgery has a privacy policy which you can see at any time; please call (07) 5456 1144