Teeth Whitening is not just for Movie Stars!

Most people that come to our dental practice will tick in their medical history form, that they will like to have teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in dentistry, not only due to its safety but also due to its results. It is also the most affordable procedure.

There are several teeth whitening options around the world and many companies have teeth whitening products. Today, I am going to focus today on the 3 products we use in our dental surgery.

Our whitening menu consists of the following:

Opalescence Go is very interesting whitening system as it is a “fit all” system. The kit contains 20 trays (10 trays to be used on the top teeth and 10 trays to be used on the bottom teeth) which are prefilled with the whitening gel. The gel is available in Australia in 2 concentrations, 6% and 15% hydrogen peroxide. I believe that there is a 10% hydrogen peroxide gel available in the US. This gel also includes potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF). This is a positive as potassium nitrate and fluoride actually help reduce cavities, minimize sensitivity, increase enamel hardness, and improve the overall health of your teeth.
The most interesting thing is the tray system. Each tray is comprised of 2 trays, one green tray which is disposed of after the trays are inserted in the mouth and a whitish/transparent tray which is the one that will mould and adapt to our teeth in a matter of seconds. It is activated by the heat in our mouths. Nice technology. That is why technology is always helping us dentists and also the public with more affordable and quicker procedur
Wear times range from just 15–60 minutes once a day for up to 10 days (depending on the gel concentration). Most people will notice whiter teeth in just a few days.
This is a very affordable option as the re are no impressions of our teeth or moulds or pre- fabricated fitted trays, which are time consuming and add a cost to the procedure.
The only disadvantage of this system is that it will probably suit about 80% of the population, not everyone. The “fit all” system does not a custom made tray and in some situations this may be required to achieve great results.
This leads us to our next system…

poladay teeth whiteningPola Day is our take Home Whitening system. Most people will know what a home whitening system is, but I will tell you a little bit about it anyway.
The home whitening system needs a custom made tray that fits each person individually. This is due sometimes, to rotated and/or crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, missing teeth and others issues that may make the “fit all” system not suitable. The custom made trays will fit our teeth really well and we will achieve a better result when the teeth are out of position. The tray will “press” the gel against the teeth not matter what.
We use a 9.5% hydrogen peroxide gel for our system.
This is a very simple system that will get results. People usually have to wear the trays for 30 minutes a day for up to 14 days.
Obviously this system is more expensive than the On–the-Go system as it will take the dentist more time and expenses to deliver the kit.

davinci teeth whitening systemThis is a very good in chair whitening system. I had the opportunity to try it yesterday on my wife’s teeth and the result was fantastic.
This system has been used in the US since 1999. It is a very simple system compared to others in the market as there is no need to protect the gums with a barrier. This is because the gel is a “food grade” hydrogen peroxide formula that is natural, plant and mineral based with no harmful preservatives or chemicals. It is also FDA (Food and Drug Administration US) certified.
Why do does products take so long to come to Australia? Anyway, this is a question for another day.
Going back to my wife’s teeth, she always suffered from severe sensitivity and every time I tried to whiten her teeth, she could not finish it. Her teeth would go very, very sensitive by just breathing air in. Not good…
So, to try the Da Vinci system, I needed someone that I knew had sensitive teeth as one of the main claims of the fabricant is that there is hardly any sensitivity during or after the treatment.
We did the procedure yesterday, which went on for about 1 hour and guess what, no sensitivity at all! We were all so amazed by it that I decided to buy the system and will be using it on my patients from now on. The result was also great! Check it out!

teeth whitening btw: I have authorisation from my wife to post those photos.
There are usually some questions that people ask us before they have whitening and I will try to cover some of them.
Is tooth whitening going to damage the tooth enamel?
There is no permanent damage caused to the enamel or any other tooth structures by tooth whitening.

Does teeth whitening cause permanent teeth sensitivity?
Sensitivity from tooth whitening is always transient. That means if there is any sensitivity caused by the whitening, it goes away within one to two days after the treatment, and the patient returns to the state of sensitivity he or she had prior to starting the whitening process. There are several desensitisers on the market to help alleviate symptoms.

Can I get my teeth whitened?
Most people are candidates for tooth whitening, but again, each situation is unique and it’s best to contact your dentist. There are some limitations with some systems, but generally almost everyone can have teeth whitening if their gums and teeth are free of disease. It is very important to have teeth and gums checked by a dentist before the procedure.

How long does tooth whitening last?
Typically you can expect whitening to last from six months to two years, although some studies report results lasting up to 10 years. Avoiding red wine, coffee, and smoking—all of which can cause staining—helps preserve the results. Opalescence Go is a very affordable way to “top up” your whitening from time to time.

Is tooth whitening a safe procedure?
Yes, many studies have proven that tooth whitening is safe if done under professional supervision.

How much does teeth whitening cost?
Prices vary widely for tooth whitening. If you want more information on our prices, please visit buderimdentalsurgery.com.au
Does tooth whitening affect white fillings, veneers or crowns?
Tooth whitening has no effect on restorative materials such as porcelain or crowns or white fillings, so that is why we recommend a check-up before whitening procedures, so your dentist can discuss with you the best way to handle any concerns.

Is the chemical used in teeth whitening products toxic?
Products developed from carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and urea (substances found in every human cell), should be used cautiously to alleviate concern. Those who have issues are the ones who don’t follow instructions and overuse the products for months or years. It may be toxic if used inappropriately.

Do whitening tooth pastes work?
Whitening toothpastes typically only clean surface stains and don’t actually change the colour of the teeth. There may be some visible results but the teeth aren’t actually being whitened.

That is it for today! I hope that this information was useful.
If you have any questions or needs more information please contact Dr Rene Nobrega via email – rene@buderimdentalsurgery.com.au